Working remotely: How to
succeed in the new workplace

A how-to guide for remote workers - and those who work with them

In a recent survey, 43% of US workers reported working remotely in 2016. What's more, today's companies and their employees are increasingly recognising the benefits of remote working - whether it's lower operating costs or happier, more productive teams.
In other words, the remote working trend is here to stay - and is only set to rise.

Working Remotely: How To Succeed In The New Workplace is your short, sharp introduction to this new and exciting way of working.

It's designed to give you the confidence to make the leap into remote working if you've not done so already.

And if you're already working remotely, you'll pick up powerful tips and techniques for making your daily work more productive, fulfilling and suited to your personal work style.

Learn from someone who's

'been there, done that'

I’m Dr Clare Lynch, founder and director of Doris and Bertie, a London-based consultancy with a particular expertise in helping teams communicate more effectively.

This experience matters because - as you'll discover in the course - being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues is one of the most crucial factors for happy, successful remote teams.   

In my decades-long career, I’ve worked with executives at a wide range of global organisations - from tech start-ups to global banks to national and international regulatory bodies.

As a tutor at the University of Cambridge, and as an award-winning, online instructor I’ve taught over 140,000 students how to communicate more effectively.   

But above all, as director of my own company, I've worked remotely for over 15 years. And in that time, I've discovered the hard way all the perils and pitfalls of working remotely - such as:

  • feelings of isolation and cabin fever when you're not going into an office every day
  • the risk of being 'out of the loop' on key projects
  • failing to establish clear boundaries between work and home - and so feeling constantly 'on call'
  • feeling demotivated by a lack of a daily regime

But in that time, I've also learned the most effective ways to work remotely in order to reap its life-changing rewards! Rewards such as:

  • increased autonomy during the working day
  • more variety in when and where to work
  • greater scope to pursue creatively satisfying projects
  • a massive reduction in work-related stress
  • spending less on day-to-day travel, food and clothing 
  • saying 'Goodbye' to the soul-destroying commute    

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Working Remotely: How To Succeed In The New Workplace, covers the key things you need to know if you're considering - or are already - working remotely.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of remote working - why it's on the up, its many benefits and the pitfalls to watch out for.

I'll also be exposing some of the myths that surround remote working and remote workers - like the idea that remote working is the easy option for slackers and slouchers (nothing could be further from the truth!)

Become an expert communicator

Early on in the course, you'll be armed with techniques for communicating and collaborating more effectively with your colleagues (and clients), so everyone's pulling together on a day to day basis.

You'll also learn ideas and techniques for recreating those 'water cooler moments' that are so essential for bonding with your colleagues, even when you're not going into an office each day.

Armed with these tips, you'll have a clearer understanding of how to stave off the feelings of isolation that are always a risk when you're working remotely. 

In this part of the course, you'll also learn how to build a support group of fellow remote workers and expand your network by 'working out loud'.

Skyrocket your productivity

The autonomy that comes with remote working can be utterly liberating.

But the flipside of that autonomy is the strong self-discipline you need to maintain your focus even when you don't have a boss breathing down your neck.

So a section of the course is devoted to productivity and motivation. In this part of the course, you'll learn how to beat procrastination and get tons more done - so you don't end up spending all those hours you've saved on commuting trying to catch up.

Achieve the perfect

work-life balance

One of the dangers of working remotely is that the distinction between work and home life can become blurred - leading you to feel like you're always 'on call'.

The final part of the course, addresses this danger head on - by considering boundaries and work life balance.

In this part of the course, you'll learn how to carve out a working life that makes you happy, productive and fulfilled - without having your work overtake your life. You'll also gain a framework for identifying the times and places where you'll feel most inspired and energised. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Enjoy the benefits of remote working - while avoiding its perils and pitfalls
  • Banish any feelings of isolation and 'cabin fever' when working remotely
  • Adopt the most effective and appropriate ways to stay in touch with your team when you're working remotely
  • Participate in online discussions and video conferences with clarity and confidence
  • Beat procrastination, maintain motivation and get more done when working remotely
  • Choose the right kit for effective remote working
  • Protect your work when working remotely, by following best-practice standards of security
  • Identify the types of workspaces that will make you happiest and most productive - from coffee shops to co-working spaces and more
  • Create - and stick to - an effective morning regime to kickstart your day and set you up for maximum productivity
  • Crush those feelings of cabin fever that can set in when you're working from home
  • Establish - and maintain - an evening ritual that will allow you to wind down effectively at the end of the day

Hands-on practice

Throughout the course, you’ll get opportunities to put theory into practice with exercises and assignments designed to set you up for more effective remote working - from setting your communication goals to reflecting on your work style to creating a timetable for building in everything from deep work to down time.

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By the end of this course, you'll be armed with a

slew of tips and techniques for being a happy,

productive remote worker.

So join me on the remote working adventure today

- I can't wait to see you inside the course!

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Course Curriculum

  Remote working: what is it and why do it?
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  Communication and collaboration
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  Productivity and motivation
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  Boundaries and balance
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  Bonus section
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Is this remote working course for you?

Find out how to work remotely and remain in-touch, happy and productive.

Dr Clare Lynch, award-winning instructor and Cambridge writing tutor

Dr Clare Lynch

Working Remotely: How to Succeed in the New Workplace is taught by Dr Clare Lynch of Doris & Bertie, a London-based agency that works with anyone who needs to write as part of their job.

A professional writer, Clare helps corporate clients communicate more clearly and engagingly with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Clare has worked remotely for over 15 years, during which time she has developed strategies for being happy and productive while working from home.